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Soft forks

Signaling for block 229 of 400 in the 457th block cycle.
There are 171 blocks remaining.

Signalling soft forks

Name Blocks Signalling Blocks Required Blocks Remaining Vote % Status
There are no signalling soft forks

Active / Locked In soft forks

Name Locked In Height Activation Height Vote % Status
NTP SYNC 1600 2000 100.0% Active
C FUND ACCUMULATION 800 1200 100.0% Active
SEGWIT 800 1200 100.0% Active
C FUND 800 1200 100.0% Active
FIXED BLOCK REWARD 800 1200 100.0% Active
COLD-STAKING POOL FEE 800 1200 100.0% Active
DOUBLE C FUND CONTRIBUTION 800 1200 100.0% Active
C FUND 500 ACCUMULATION 800 1200 100.0% Active

What are soft forks?

Soft forks are changes to the protocols that govern the NavCoin blockchain.

At the end of each 400 block cycle the number of blocks that signalled support for a soft fork are counted.

If the number of signalling blocks is greater than 75% the soft fork is locked in and will be activated at the end of the next block cycle.

If the block cycle fails to reach the required 75% a new attempt to lock in the soft fork is started in the next block cycle.